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Pick a load that works best for youDirt simple, effective and reliable as an anvilThe simplest answer to the AR-15 question is you can only buy one if it has been modified to have a 10 round fixed magazine and is a knockoff, not a real Armalite AR-15Guns make you feel saferCost: Moderate Inexpensive handguns start around $300In a way the dojo is just an extension of our home, and the senseis and Shihan are family." ".Not only are my sons embracing the art of karate, they have gained confidence, developed respect, and learned perseverance and disciplineStoreStoreStore XKM Web Store ONNIT Supplements It panics the intruderFor example, where we live, we have 15 acres and there is no a home within a quarter of a mileIt can also be left easily available in houses with children, and you dont have to worry about the legal problems of shooting someone


But shot number one, on bad guy number one, with a 12 gauge loaded with anything will COMPLETELY take out your hearing for 20 plus minutesAll the email that I got was from .22 advocates telling me that I misinterpreted my data and that the .22 is the best defensive cartridge ever inventedThis is not to disregard riflesDitto with many popular civilian weapons but for home defense a 12 gauge pump paired with a lil .38 is tough to beatThe reality is guns dont make you saferI feel prepared


My .223 is an OlympicThanks again for the articleThis was a great article on just one of many possible ingredients for your overall home securitycaliber of firearmI like 6 in the wheel and I like not tripping over spent brass on the ground&especially in the darkThe Logical Argument Does that mean seat belts dont make you safer, they just make you feel safer? Tell all the people that use guns for home defense they didnt make them safer, it just made them FEEL saferMy pick: DPMS Panther Lite 16 This is a quality rifle thats on the low end of priceHe never had to use one in 70 yearsReliability An effective weapon that doesnt work properly when needed or that quickly malfunctions is hardly effective at allWhat are your thoughts on something like the Taurus Judge revolver with a shot shell for home defense? Best of both worlds? Better off with a shotgun? Also, for handguns, are there quick release finger-combo type of safes or gun cases available that someone would recommend? Forgive me if this isnt directly on point for the subject of the article


when to carry firearmsome ppl cant afford to stay in safe areas, its just not an option for some pplLearn proper handlingFurthermore, hostage rescue teams plan and prepare over and overYour home or apartment is your castleWhile avoidance and escape is the best tactic, when possible, there may be contexts in which an appropriately prepared individual can feign compliance, reach for a handgun (or even a knife) under the guise of reaching for a wallet, and then My 870 with extended tube is kept by my bedside as is my 1911 and a high CP flashlight


What suprised me was the kick of the gun, although i considered myself as a failrly adequate shooterAnother note, I am a three time war veteranA shotgun REQUIRES that the user has put quite a few rounds through itWhether it be a shotgun, pepper spray, or a plastic forkObviously the abductor does not wish to kill the person whom he orders into the vehicles trunk, right away

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